Reduce the Amount You Spend on Digital Ads

In a Harvard Business Review article last week, author Sinan Aral points out What Digital Ads Get Wrong and talks about the “Conversion Fallacy” by explaining the difference between ‘lift’ and ‘conversion.’ Click to read if you are looking to target people who are not already your most loyal customers. Thank you Sinan!

The New Corporate SWAG

Despite the increasing politicizing of masks, some businesses are not shying away from the branding opportunity they present. But I’m with Jeremy Parker, co-founder of, quoted in the article, “It is frankly a weird product to sell — masks. You go to swag for fun,” while masks are for safety. is donating 10 masks for every 100 it …

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Is Twitter’s Open-sourced Method the Right Plan?

Twitter has been test driving new ways to fight tweets both misinformative (inaccurate, but not necessarily ill-intended) and disinformative (intentionally misleading.). One possible method, is flagging tweets with Snopes-style badges if they’re deemed “harmfully misleading.” A a 2019 Gallup poll shows that only 41% of Americans trust mass media. “On one hand, I love that when something’s false, we’re finding a …

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