Marketing to Millennials

This covers a lot of ground in understanding the largest group of consumers today. Just one highlight from this article: marketing to this cohort will increasingly focus on promotions through apps and texting. Article by David Roe from CMS Wire

Welcome 2017 Florida Film Festival!

Next week is the annual Florida Film Festival presented by the Enzian and sponsored by Full Sail University, Orange County Government.  I always look forward to the short films and documentaries, as those are hard to see any other time of the year in Central Florida.  Check out their schedule

Bye Bye Banner Ads?

Since the introduction of banner ads in 1994 on their effectiveness has been hotly debated by consumers who complain how they slow down page loads and advertisers who count on the high volume model to book a positive ROI. In an article in today’s print NYTimes, Farhad Manjoo posits the banner ad is in decline simply because the medium …

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My Twitter Account Was Hacked

Actually, I have two twitter accounts, @LauraSpear and @StartingSparks.  One day, @StartingSparks received a tweet from @LauraSpear about a fairly interesting topic. Problem was, I had not posted a tweet that day.  When I went in to check, sure enough, the link it took me to was a not very reputable promotion. I deleted the tweet, changed my password for …

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Communicating, Inspiring, Discovering, Connecting – How are you using Social Media Platforms?

Thank you to Robin Carey and the team at Social Media Today for today’s webinar, “Allocating Resources Across The Marketing Mix: Where to Spend Socially.”  Don Bulmer at Shell and Monica Peterson at Toyota made compelling cases for how social media is changing as part of the media mix.  My favorite slide was Ms Peterson’s clear, concise summary of the the roles social …

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