Why do 90% of Sales Reps Avoid Using Content?

As a marketer we spend many hours crafting and refining relevant content for our sales teams to use in their sales cycle with prospects. When I saw this stat in VoilaNorbert’s blog, it gave me pause. All that time and effort to create content and my reps are avoiding using it? Why? VoilaNorbert claims it’s because they think it’s outdated and/or not customizable. Even more jarring a stat was this “65% of reps can’t find content to send to their prospects.” Whether these exact stats are true or not, they are unreferenced in the blog, it definitely makes me think about how I as a marketer can better set my reps up for success. I’ve been using CRM systems for years, but am becoming more familiar with “Sales Enablement Tools” and the role they play in the sales process. Read their post “Top 14 Sales Enablement Tools 2021” for more.

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