After reading Chrissy Teigen’s heartfelt post on Medium this week, I took a breath and paused, thinking about that old saying, “be nice to the person (standing next to you, serving you lunch, scanning your groceries, etc.) because you never know what they are going through.” Then, as a marketer, I went on to explore more on Medium and sought out ideas on how it could be used to convey meaningful content. I found this post from Neil Patel that I found really interesting. As he starts, “The ethos of Medium is inherently democratic; it seeks to give a voice to people who have something interesting to say, even if they don’t have thousands of Twitter followers, an active blog or friends in the right places. Medium is built to reward content for its quality, not for the pedigree or popularity of the author.” This clearly sets this apart from other social media sites. Read on.

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