Is Twitter’s Open-sourced Method the Right Plan?

Twitter has been test driving new ways to fight tweets both misinformative (inaccurate, but not necessarily ill-intended) and disinformative (intentionally misleading.). One possible method, is flagging tweets with Snopes-style badges if they’re deemed “harmfully misleading.” A a 2019 Gallup poll shows that only 41% of Americans trust mass media. “On one hand, I love that when something’s false, we’re finding a way to call it out,” Anthony Shop, the co-founder and chief strategy officer of Social Driver, tells Fortune of Twitter’s efforts. “But on the other hand, I worry that the way psychology and human nature works, that it will actually be self-defeating.”   These efforts are seeming very urgent because we are in an election year but it will cascade into the business world. Read more at Fortune

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