My Twitter Account Was Hacked

Actually, I have two twitter accounts, @LauraSpear and @StartingSparks.  One day, @StartingSparks received a tweet from @LauraSpear about a fairly interesting topic. Problem was, I had not posted a tweet that day.  When I went in to check, sure enough, the link it took me to was a not very reputable promotion. I deleted the tweet, changed my password for both twitter accounts (different ones) and then changed the passwords for all the other websites where I had used the same password.  Yes, I committed the sin of using the same password for multiple sites. I’ve even created an EXCEL document with 92 rows of different sites with their passwords. (Yes, the EXCEL doc is password protected.)

All of this came to mind when I read an article by The Washington Post’s Daniel Riedel, “Small business advice: The simple but vital security precaution that many firms neglect” in which he lists a 5 step guide to better security for your business.

  1. Require routine password rotation
  2. Establish a strong password protocol
  3. Don’t share passwords
  4. Secure data accessed by passwords
  5. Educate employees on password usage

For me, maybe it’s time to get a password manager – something like LastPass, Dashlane or Norton Identity Safe.  Maybe it’s time….

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