Communicating, Inspiring, Discovering, Connecting – How are you using Social Media Platforms?

Thank you to Robin Carey and the team at Social Media Today for today’s webinar, “Allocating Resources Across The Marketing Mix: Where to Spend Socially.”  Don Bulmer at Shell and Monica Peterson at Toyota made compelling cases for how social media is changing as part of the media mix.  My favorite slide was Ms Peterson’s clear, concise summary of the the roles social media platforms could play in our marketing strategies:

Facebook > Communicating with those close to me > Connection

Twitter > Feeling up-to-date with the rest of the world > Timeliness

Pinterest > Looking for inspiration > Inspiration

LinkedIn > Wanting to connect only with a restricted network > Thought Leadership

Google+ > Discovering something interesting >Discovery

Depending on your product, service, industry, vertical markets you could add many more platforms to this list.  It’s clear defining the platforms and how you will use them will make integrating them into your content marketing plan so much easier.



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