This Apple May Make You Healthier Than Ever Before

Apple kicked-off it’s Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday in San Francisco and the sessions focus on a wide variety of topics including App Frameworks, Location and Motion, Graphics and Games, Media and whole lot more. You can watch the session videos if you are on a Mac or if you download the WWDC app

What brought my attention to the conference is Shekhar Sharad’s  post on LinkedIn titled “Apple will redfine Healthcare & make Billions – here is how …” in which he describes the announcement in the keynote address of Apples HealthKit App.  HealthKit allows health and fitness apps to share data with Nike onboard as one of the first supporters with NikeFuel.  Add this to the integration of wearable devices and you now truly have an infrastructure that monitors wellness AND health.

I feel like we are getting a much clearer picture of what the healthcare industry may look like in 5-7 years.  Now if we could just get more clarity on the cost of healthcare – now that would be revolutionary.

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