..and what will we DO with all this data?

As a follow-up to my June 3 post about Apple’s HealthKit I thought I would share a somewhat pessimistic (although hopeful) view of the market by researcher and author Aaron E. Carroll published today in the NYTimes  “Apple’s HealthKit Probably Won’t Bring a New Age

He ID’s the barriers he sees as long-term obstacles:

  1. Lack of communication between information systems
  2. Patient Behavior
  3. Physician Behavior

One point he does not explicitly state is companies who create practical systems to assist healthcare providers in sifting and managing patient data, will be winners.

I especially appreciated his closing point:

(from the article) “Shared information could revolutionize health care,” proclaimed a paper in Modern Healthcare. The abstract read: “Hospitals soon may learn the value of shared information technology. The idea of ‘community health information networks’ is picking up steam as payers and policymakers look for ways to control costs and measure the quality of care.” That paper was published in 1992. I’m still waiting.

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