How to ‘Really’ Erase Your Search History

Clicking on your tools icon in your web browser, choosing “Internet Options” and “Delete Search History” will certainly delete your search history on the laptop or tablet you are working on.  But it doesn’t erase your history on Google, Bing or other popular search engines.  In fact, as Molly Wood writes in the NYTimes Personal Tech section, April 2, 2014, “your web searches are carefully tracked and saved in databases, where the information can be used for almost anything, including highly targeted advertising and price discrimination based on your data profile.”   Fortunately,  Ms. Wood explains how to delete search history on the most popular search engines and even identifies alternative search engines like DuckDuckGo which don’t save your searches.  Here’s a link to her really straightforward explanation of how to take back a little bit of control over your personal information!


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